Brad Morgan

Brad’s persistence in producing energetic yet professional collections of work stems from his fascination with design theory and critical thinking. With prior occupational experience in the print industry, Brad’s background in graphic design has assisted him in developing a foundation from which he can evolve his expertise into other mediums  

Consistently improving his craft in multiple areas of design, his focus on versatility has allowed him to assemble an extensive portfolio that accentuates his creative compass. Continuous utilisation with the Adobe Creative Suite, along with a passion for progression and experimentation, has ensured that he is incessantly broadening and mastering his craft.

As part of the D&AD New Blood Awards, this mockup is for a fictional Spotify leaderboard function that is accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Inspiration for the user interface came from competing streaming services, with a strong influence from Spotify’s well established minimal tile structure.

The central menu utilises Spotify’s colour identity, while taking advantage of Wrapped’s distinct neon palette.

Experimenting with vector geometry and composite editing, this Photoshop project took heavy influence from contemporary flat design, as well as relevant high-tech gadget commercials.

The project, a mockup for a Netflix documentary covering the advancements in virtual reality, incorporates appropriate Netflix branding and sans serif typefaces to assist in achieving the traditionally casual documentary format that Netflix is well-known for.